November 25th, 2006

Old Friend

Heroes to appear on BBC2

The BBC have brought the rights to air Heroes in the UK!

Me happy :)

(Although 'me' will have probably seent he lot by the time they start showing them courtesy of the internet - but I'm glad they'll be reaching a wider audience in the UK!)

BBC Press Release
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Old Friend

Friday night, Saturday morning...

Rosie drove down from Leicester last night on a bit of a 'spur of the moment' decision. We ended up going for a really nice Italian in East Finchley before hitting The Phenix and watching Pan's Labyrinth (hopefully I'll post a review sometime). Very good film, although less 'fantasical' than I was expecting.

Anyway, we got home, crashed, and then I got up to come into work (don't like working Saturdays) and Rosie headed back up north.

Tonight is Rotersand and Slimelight. Tomorrow is more work
Cubicle 7

Dragonmeet Ticket Sales

Well we passed the three digit mark in pre-sales this morning and are now up to about 110 advanced tickets sold!

Considering they only been available for two weeks that's really quite good and certainly up there with previous years.

I'm happy :)

Anyone who orders them after Wednesday is going to have to collect on the door though. I'm not trusting the post office to deliver in time if I'm posting out on Thursday!