November 26th, 2006

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(Gig) Rotersand/RBN

So, despite having second thoughts about the gig due to having worked all day and feeling a bit wasted, I headed down to Slimelight to catch dj_steve_rbn and bleepyfruhstuck in RBN. Now I haven't seen Steve and Byron live since about 1995 when RBN went under the full title of Revolution By Night and were very much in the 'goth'-vein of affairs and not the completely overhauled and revamped EBM incarnation.

RBN were *really* good and it was also really nice to see the gig completely packed for the support. I'd pre-booked my ticket but when I arrived they only had 5 left for sale on the door itself! I hope that RBN play more often as they are certainly a band I'd reccommend anyone with a taste for the heavier side of electronica to go and listen too. Also, get recording guys!!! :p

I'd never seen Rotersand before. I have a number of friends who have seen them in Germany, Holland and on a previous occasions here in the UK but I was a Rotersand Live virgin. God, are they good too! They certainly know how to work the crowd and have plenty of dance anthems in the set. I loved Last Ship but the real clincher of the evening was (and no surprise here) Exterminate Annihilate Destroy which has the brilliant Dalek samples in it :) Yes, I'm sad. But very happy :p

Saw loads of people at the gig from all over the place. Special thanks and hello's go to taryn_vee supergoth club_slut greeba and karohemd

I, predictably, didn't stay for the actual clubnight afterwards which may have been a mistake as I'd forgotten the tubes on my side of the Northern Line were out of action due to engineering work (I'd cabbed it down to the club earlier as I was runing late). Thus I ended up in Golders Green to be faced with long waits for buses and a huge tailback from there to the North Circular (a couple fo miles?). I thougth sod it and decided to walk home which was probably a good move as I still got back to Finchley before any bus passed me!!!
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Walking in the rain...

Film Help Required...Resolved

Film help required.

Does anybody own a copy (or know where I might find a copy) of
El Espiritu de la Colmena. It's a Spanish film from 1973 and sounds really good. It's called The Spirit of the Beehive in English and seems to be very highly rated.

IMDB Listing

(Slaps Head)  - Play have it listed at £8.99 including delivery. Problem solved (and aren't I glad I didn't order it earlier from Amazon Canada at £22.00 plus postage!!!)
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Lord Angus

(Video) Propaganda - Dr Mabuse

I promise to limit myself to only posting up one of my favourite 80's tracks this evening. It was a tough call and Berlin "The Metro" almost won out but instead I give you Propaganda's classic "Dr Mabuse"...

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Old Friend

Faithless New Video - Banned by MTV

Faithless have a new CD coming out and the enw single from it is 'Bombs' which MTV (atleast in the States - I don't know about Europe) have banned the video of.

Not having the same censorship levels as MTV I now present to you Faithless and 'Bombs'

Old Friend

TrustFlow results for angusabranson

OK, so I've gone and completed the Trust Flow Test and there are plenty of user names I recognise from around the place. The question is, which of the below are you surprised are not currently my friends and why? Let me know if there is someone on this list that you reckon should be 'friended' and also let me know why. Are they someone I know in real life but didn't realise they had a Journal?

Anyway here's the list

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