November 27th, 2006

Drawn Together

Euro Millions Lottery

I buy lottery tickets every so often - possibly once every couple of months or so. I'm certainly not what you'd call a Lottery Addict. I generally don't even check my tickets straight away until I find one (or several) in a pile on my desk or bedside cabinet and decide to log on to double check that I haven't won anything. I'm usually right too. Nope, nothing won.

Anyway, I had three tickets I just checked. Two for the regular Lotto (whose top prizes are usually about £2.5 million) and one for the Euro Lottery which, for the draw I had a ticket for, was £103 million!

Anyway, I didn't win anything in the Lotto but my luck changed with the Euro Milliosn draw!

Alas I didn't win the jackpot of £103 million (hell - if I did I doubt I'd mention it here anyway! If I won a large amount I'd want my life to continue more or less as it does already! It'd just mean I could bank roll the business more, have a nice house and be able to invest in friends ideas, the future and help some charities out). I didn't even win the second prize (Just under £500,000), or the third, fourth, or even tenth prize. I won the eleventh prize (out of 12) which, along with 794,476 other people netted me £9.80.

Still, it's better than nothing once again! :p
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Samuel Tor Peter Bromster

Some of you will remember Andreas Bromster (Tall Swedish fella who used to play in the London Camarilla back in the mid/late 90's as Alexander Goodheart the Tremere). Some of you may have met him at Donya and Karen's BBQ in the summer.

Well, a bit belatered, but I thought I'd let you know he's now the proud father of Samuel Tor Peter Brömster who was born on September 28th at 0410am!

Way to go sir! (If you're reading this :p)

I've seen a picture of Samuel and he looks like a fine, healthy baby.

...and no, I'm not getting broody again honest (Rosie - you have nothing to worry about :p)
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