December 1st, 2006

Angus May 2005

The latest Dork Tower Strip :D

It seems I have once again been fictionalised - although this time I'm not a bloodsucking, back-stabbing vampire (see The Brujah Trilogy published by White Wolf a few years ago). This time I have moved from novel to comic strip. The comic strip being the fantastic Dork Tower that I've mentioned several times recently as muskrat_john has brought one of his characters (Ken) over to London from the States to attend Dragonmeet - a convention that is taking place this Saturday (eek!!).

I have to say a massive thansk to John for this. I didn't know he was planning a London strip and certainly wasn't expecting a cameo appearence.

Anyway, here it is :D

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Old Friend

Wanted: A Mike Nudd...

If anyone has any contact details for Mike Nudd please can you either send them over to me (preferrably a phone number) or ask him to drop me a line at work on 020 8346 2327.

Many thanks!