December 12th, 2006

Old Friend

2006 Meme and Home Internet Update

Still no internet connection at home as Keyvan's wife had thrown out his spare cable so he couldn't supply me with one. I have (at least part of) tomorrow off so I'll be heading up to North Finchley and picking one up then. So, in theory, I should be back on line at home and be able to start answering emails and browsing to my hearst content by tomorrow evening.

In other news, this Thursdays planned drinking looks like it's going to be a wash-out. Nearly everyone who usually makes it can't this week due to various Work Christmas do's or other commitments. I think I may chuck the idea this week and restart it post-New Year when things have died down. I'll see what the next couple of responses I get from the texts I sent are.

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Old Friend

Gameforce: London - Sunday 17th December!

Well, I originally wasn't going to run a 'Gameforce' event in December but we had enough people at the November event bugging me and saying they wanted a December meeting that we are having one.

Usual venue (The College Arms in Store Street off Tottenham Court Road) between 2PM until 9PM.

We won't be running any tournament or demo games this Sunday and I won't actually be bringing any games with me this month (I usually pack a few boxes of board and card games for people to pick up and play). The reason why I'm nopt taking any games myself is because I'm going to have to run away at about 6pm to meet friends and go to the New Model Army gig which is at The Astoria (just round the corner from the games club :p). Thus I don't want to have a load of boxes to carry this month!

We will still be running a raffle though and I'm sure everyone will have plenty of games on hand :)

For more information please check out the gameforce LJ Community Info as I'll be updating that in a few moments.

Hope to see a few of you at the games club and others at the NMA gig!