December 13th, 2006

Sisters of Mercy

Gothic Belly Dancing in Leicester...

I'm off to Leicester this weekend to attend Darkscape and support imagnocean and co as they are performing at the club showcasing 'Gothic Belly Dancing'. They are also organising Gothla which is taking place 15th - 17th June in Leicester with belly dancing workshops and international stars of the Gothic bellydancing scene performing.

So, if you happen to find yourself near leicester on Saturday night please pop along, watch the show, drink the alcohol and dance the night away!

Lord Angus

Buying Spree...

I shouldn't be let loose on the net when my domain registration company is having a half-price sale on .com's and my mind has been full of various site and sales ideas for the last few weeks/months just waiting for an excuse.

Needless to say I'm now the proud owner of several new domains and really have to get off my arse next year and get content up on them and stock in so I can start getting the web to work for me!

I also couldn't resist registering :p
Gummi Bear Sex

Emilie Autumn : Victorian Industrial

I must admit that I've fallen in love with Emilie Autumn over the last week or so. Her new CD 'Opheliac' arrived on my doorstep late last week and I finally got round to listening to it on Sunday night. It is fantastic.

Think of a deranged mixture of The Dresden Dolls and Tori Amos. For some reason she seems to have quite a large goth following (but then I guess so do the aforementioned artists...) and certainly lists a whole load of goth and industrial bands as influences on her work.

She's also incredibly cute - but don't let that influence your enjoyment of her music which is fantastic regardless :p


Emilie Autum Website
Emilie Autumn Myspace

From her Myspace page: "Combine the violin mastery of Nigel Kennedy, the voice of an alien Siouxsie/Bowie hybrid, and the looks of a post-apocalyptic Marie Antoinette, and what do you get? Emilie Autumn. The pink-haired princess of "victoriandustrial" has already morphed her way from classically trained violin prodigy to extreme rock performer with the ability to shred on a fiddle à la Yngwie, and with a cult following to match."
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Old Friend

Emilie Autumn - Tale of Two Sisters

Thought I'd let you hear some Emilie Autumn. I found this fan made video which uses one of her songs alongside the Korean film 'A Tale of Two Sisters'. The film itself is certainly worth watching. I saw it a couple of years ago and it's very well made. That said I am a sucker for Asian Horror films :p

Anyway, here's the video...