December 20th, 2006

Invader Zim - Curse You!

Sky TV

I am lucky enough to have a day off today. This close to Christmas it's pretty unheard of but I managed to wrangle it. Not least because Sky were coming over to set us up with satellite TV again and give us a new dish and Sky Box as the old is a) Sasha's and b) seems to be dying.

Anyway, the engineer was supposed to ring me before 9 to let me know a rough time to expect them. At about 11am I rang Sky and, once I got through their automated system (to help 'speed calls up' ... hmm) I was told that the engineer couldn't call because they didn't have my number on their records (which of course they took when I placed my order but let's not go there...) and the engineer had been at my house at 10am but no one was in so they cancelled the appointment.

So basically, even though I have actually been here all morning the engineer somehow managed to come here, find no one home and cancelled our installation. I was told they would have left a card but I can't see any evidence of a nice 'sorry we called but you weren't home' card anywhere near my house!

Basically the engineer was either too busy and cancelled on us without turning up or decided to do some last minute Christmas shopping which we're now paying for with no Sky TV until next week (They've rearranged for next Wednesday).

I was livid and had a merry arguement with the poor telesales person.

I was so angry I cancelled Sarah's visit this afternoon because I didn't want to see anyone whilst that annoyed. Luckily I've calmed down a lot now and having spoken to Sarah earlier she's still going to come over, just later than planned.

Anyway, still pissed off with the subcontractors Sky uses (a company called ABC Wireless Network - which I couldn't find any record of on the web unfortunately and then decided I was wasting my time looking) but such is life. Not having Sky for another week isn't going to kill anyone. It would have been nice for Louisa and Jade to have had it available over Christmas but they'll live.
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