December 22nd, 2006

Old Friend

Scarlett Johansson

www.liveI'm not a big one to lust after celebrities. Indeed I have had a hell of a lot of trouble trying to think of 'celebrities' in the past that I fancy. I'm just not made that way. I need to know someone to be attracted to them. It's the whole package for me.

Anyway, one celeb I do like is Scarlett Johansson. Admittedly mainly how she looks in 'Lost in Translation' as I've seen her in a couple of other things where she's worn a bit too much make up for my taste (I'm not a fan of ploughed on make-up, yet I hang round the goth scene - go figure!).

Well, one of my friends found the pictures below the cut and please Santa can I have one for Christmas (as long as you manage to resurrect yourself - see previous post - Ed). She is absolutely mouth watering gorgeous in the first picture.

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The Fog...

I know the other side of the street exists as I've been there before now.

Goodness knows where it has gone though. It's only 6.30 and you can hardly see a thing outside!!!

The London Fog has returned :)