December 27th, 2006

To Do....

Ireland's Air Disaster...

Just got this text off Sister #1:

"Irelands worst air disaster occurred this morning. A Cessna 2-seater crashed into a cemetary. Rescue workers have recovered 2208 bodies and expect that number to rise as digging continues."
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Sky Update

Yay! We have SKY again! I didn't go for the complete package this time as no one here ever watched the movie channels. Instead I went for the Variety Mix (SkyOne, Sci-Fi, E4, Comedy, etc), Music Mix (because I am Angus), Kids Mix (for the 'toons dude!), News & Events Mix (because I'm a news junkie) and Sky Sports (because I loves my footie...:p).

The girls will be happy too as Jade will have her Futurama and Simpsons again and Louisa will have access to her boy bands on the music channel again (aka Boy Kill Boy, etc).

Captain Jack Ties The Knot...

Actor John Barrowman (Captain Jack from Torchwood) married his partner of 16 years, architect Scott Gill, today. Breaking the hearts of many women, men and alien species...

Congratulations to both parties (not that they'll ever read this but still...:p)

Torchwood Star's Civil Ceremony (BBC News Online; Wednesday 27th December 2006)
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