December 28th, 2006

Alien vs Kitten

Tabby Cat Terrifies Bear and Urban Birds Learn To Rap

A couple of stories which I read today that amused me...

Tabby Cat Terror For Black Bear (BBC News Online; Saturday 10th June 2006) - ok, it's an old story but I only just read it!!!

Urban Based Birds "Learn To Rap" (BBC News Online; Tuesday 5th December 2006)

In other news, today has been an exhausting first day back at work. Rosie is coming over this evening and keeping me company until Tuesday. Planning on spending some quality chill-out time with her but might be venturing into Camden on saturday morning to pick up some belated Rosie-type Christmas presents as we're having our Christmas meal together on Saturday night.

Apart from that - I'm looking forward to relaxing for a bit and hopefully catching up on some DVD viewing. Don't know what we're doing on New Years Eve as yet but it'll be home based one either just the two of us or with a couple of friends over for games.
Punisher Skull

Vlad's Castle For Sale: Only £40 million!!!

Vlad the Impaler's castle - Bran Castle - is up for sale for only £40 million (close to $80 million!!!).

The castle, which became famous due to the Vlad-inspired 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker has been offered to the local council who have been given a month for first refsual. After that it's on the open market and can be obtained by vampire lovers with no sense of money.

Personally £40 million is, in my opinion, way too expensive for this castle. You can get much nicer castles for a tenth of the price. It's amazing what having a dark history and tourist attraction does for real estate isn't it!

Castle For Sale, £40m. Would Suit Vampire (Times Online; Tuesday 26th december 2006)