January 3rd, 2007

Old Friend

Luddites of the 21st Century Unite!

Go Team Luddite!

I've just managed to sort out the wireless network for the house and have also now encrypted it. We had a bit of a problem because I didn't know my PPPoA  (or something?) details but I managed to track them down courtesy of my service providers tech department. Rosie also proved a lot of help with various bits of advice (thanks babe).

Anyway, I now have control over the network which was previously under a network Sasha set up almost three years ago and no one could rememebr the access codes too. The new wireless router I brought is a lot more powerful than the old one in anycase and you seem to be able to get uninterrupted access to it wherever you are in the house.

This is a Good Thing (tm).

I'm also enjoying my dual computer system. I get to type this on one screen whilst having my other screen playing music videos (although I need to buy a new set of speakers as my old ones are 'ok' but not great).

So Team Luddite is slowly crawling itself (unwittingly or not) into the 21st Century.

I might go and treat myself by going to the cinema in a few moments. Eragon or The Holiday? Or, if I want to leave it for another hour or so, I can add Perfume or Night in the Museum to the list. I have a freebie ticket in anycase so if it is a bad film at least I won't feel like I've wasted any money!

Has anyone seen 'Perfume' yet btw? The only people I know who have seen it have given it pretty bad reviews :(
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Drawn Tog

Dirk Benedict in Celebrity Big Brother

OK, I'll admit I watched the first episode of the new Celebrity Big Brother. Admittedly it was whilst I was cooking and having dinner and I'm not sure if I'll watch it again but - Dirk Benedict (Face from The A-Team and Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica) is on it! That was a surprise! God knows how he'll do! :p

I'm not sure of the mix of characters they have on this year. I'll admit to not being the most celebrity-minded person at the best of times so don't really know how they'll all get along or what to expect. I suspect my main exposure for the program will be through the bits of 'news' I get in the tabloids if I flick through them at a cafe or the 'internet headlines' when I go to log in to my mail server.

Still, the contestants this year are:

Jermaine Jackson (formerly of The Jackson Five)
Danielle Lloyd (Glamour Model and former Miss Great Britain)
Ken Russell (Film Maker)
Jo O'Meara (ex-singer from S Club 7)
Leo Sayer (Singer)
Shilpa Shetty (Bollywood Actress)
Carole Malone (Sunday Mirror Columnist)
Donny Tourette (Singer of Punk Group 'Towers of London')
Ian "H" Watkins (ex-singer from Steps)
Cleo Rocos (Actress, Writer and Comedian)
Dirk Benedict (Actor)
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