January 5th, 2007

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US/USSR Collapse Comparisons

autopope has posted up a very interesting article about the collapse of the USA. It compares the US at present to pre-collapse Soviet Union and I must agree that the people of the Soviet Union were much better prepared for the ensuing collapse than the majority of Americans are. Not least because the Soviets were used to hardships, rationing, etc.

I don't agree with all of the article and I also think that two of the important post-crash problems America will have is the large social/racial divides that exist in most parts of the country along with the religious/political fundamentalism and gun culture.

Anyway, enjoy the article: Closing the "Collapse-Gap": The USSR was better prepared for peak oil than the US (The Energy Bulletin; 4th December 2006)
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 Reading: Currently reading Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere". This is his "Authors Preferred" version in which he has made a few changes and also offers alternative endings. So far so very, very good :)

Planning: Cubicle 7 release schedules for our non-SLA Industries and Victoriana lines, including contract negotiations for some licensed products (ooo-er!).

Wearing: My "one by one the penguins steal my sanity" t-shirt, black combats and black slippers :p

Writing: My LJ entry! Hmm... ok, beyond that. Currently writing up notes for a project I've ignored for too long plus I've been revising ideas/rules for a superhero card game I was playing around with a while back. I'd like to start writing more but we'll see where the business takes me. I know when James W started up Hogshhead he originally wanted it to be a vehicle for his own deisgns and writings but his time ended up being eaten by the business side. I have the advantage of a Dom on board to help with a lot of the business stuff but I still reckon that side of affairs will take up the majority of my time. Freelancers rejoyce! I'll be needing you guys and gals!!! :p