January 14th, 2007

Manga Me

M'era Luna Festival

I know a number of you on my F-List have been to M'era Luna Fetsival in Germany before and was wondering what you thought of it?

How was the camping facilities and how easy is it to get to by train (I'd be flying into Germany if I went and then training it down from there)?

Thoughts? Memories? Etc...?

Wikipedia Entry (including Line Ups of past years which might explain why I'm thiking about it :p)
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Old Friend

London Employment...

Can anyone reccommend a good temping or recruitment firm in London? One that your company has used or maybe you've worked for? Preferrably in the administration side of advertising or marketing. Failing that a Junior Copywriting position.

She has a degree in English and has worked in clerical and admin roles for the last four years.

Anything to help my lovely girlfriend find employment down here so I can see more of her! :D

Thanks for any help!