January 18th, 2007

Old Friend


I'm not sure who, or how many, people are actually making it to the pub this evening. The weather has not been nice today and I know a lot of the transport network in London is suffering too. I think it's a safer bet for people just to head home (if they can).

I'm going to head out in a moment to the pub just incase people turn up (I've only had two cancellations by text but haven't heard from anyone else - including those I texted...). I'll probably hang around for an hour or so just in case and then if no one has turned up I'll head back home.

The winds have been pretty bad. About 3 in every 4 bins have been overturned, there are roof tilings in the street and front gardens and a lot of 'For Sale' or @To Rent' signs have given up the ghost. Many of the recycling bins (including mine) seem to have vanished too - as has part of the fence in my back garden. The east Finchley Phoenix wasn't doing too well when I was down there meeting Dom for lunch/meeting earlier either - it had lost some lettering from it's sign.

Someone sure has annoyed the Air Elementals today!

Anyway, time for me to head out. See ya!
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