January 19th, 2007

South Park

Pubbage - The Aftermath

There should be a Mental Health Warning attached to going to the pub with ukmonty and Surfer Boy.

Very fun evening was had and nefarious schemes hatched thanks to Monty's teenage fantasies...

That's all I'll say on the matter (for now atleast :p)
Old Friend

Dresden Files on UK SKY ONE February 14th

A number of you will recall my ravings about The Dresden Files series of novels by Jim Butcher. Some may even recall me postiung up the trailer for the new TV series that starts in the States in the next couple of weeks.

Now I'm mightily impressed that Sky One are airing the series in the UK starting on Tuesday 14th February - just a couple fo weeks after the US launch! That must one of the quickest US to UK transfers for a new TV show!

Anyway, the Sky One Press Release is here!

I know what I'll be doing on the 14th!! (Or certainly recording it...:p)