January 24th, 2007

Three Dead People

Snow and Camp CDs

Yes it has snowed. In January. Good to know the seasons still vaguely know what to do isn't it :p

Actually, in Finchley we've had about an inch which was very nice to see. Most of it has semi-melted on the ground but the cars still have an inch or so on many of them (well the ones the school kids haven't gotten to yet :p).

I like the snow. For some small reason it makes me happy :)

I also seem to be listening to a compilation I brought that really would not be out of place at many gay clubs. I don't think I realised it would be quite so 'dancey electronica' when I brought it. Mind you any CD with remixes of Soft Cell, Erasure and a band called Boytronic should kinda give me a hint. There are some good tracks on it (IN Strict Confidence for example) but it has got a couple of real cringe worthy camp mixes on it. I hope my 4AD retrospective goes down better when the other guys arrive! hehe...)
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