January 26th, 2007

Old Friend

Victorian Tatoo'ing

I was surprised to learn how popular Tattoo'ing was amongst the Victorian Elite and society. A number of European Royality sported tattoo's apparently.

Anyone reccommend a good book, or website, that deals with Tattoo'ing in late 19th Century Europe? Looking at it more from the social aspect than the art and design aspect (although obviously I'd like to see imagery of the deisgns and artwork used).

Cheers, A
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Old Friend

Gaming in Durham/Newcastle

Does anyone know of any RPG or LARP groups in the Durham/Newcastle area?

I have a friend up there who's after a group. Of course she could consider starting up a branch of Gameforce... but then I guess if she doesn't know any gamers in the area it'd be quite a small club to begin with :p

Anyway, if anyone knows of anyone/where please let me know.
Old Friend

French Industrial/Electronic Music

Can anyone reccommend any decent French language Industrial or Electronic music? Preferrably bands who are eitehr on Myspace or have a website that I can listen to samples from as I'd prefer to 'Try Before I Buy' in this instance.

Anything from Nine Inch Nails/Skinny Puppy to Air/Metric.