January 29th, 2007

Old Friend

(For Sale: Games) Changeling, Kindred of the East, Werewolf: Wild West

I'm starting to clear out a load of books and games that I can't ever really see myself using. I've got every single book that White Wolf has ever published and it strikes me as silly that I have pretty much the same book in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition of certain games that I haven't played in years. I'm not going to get rid of everything from the World of Darkness as I may one day play Vampire: The Masquerade or Dark Ages again, but I'll probably never play Changeling (for instance). I never have done and can't see myself doing so in the future. Thus - goodbye Changeling books and hello shelf space!

Of course Changelling is just one example. I'm going to be trimming my shelves fairly heavily over the next few weeks. Of RPGs, Board/Card Games, Comics, Novels, CDs, DVDs and Vinyl. I need some space in here!

I'm giving my LJ readers first refusal from my goldmine. Anything that is left over is going on ebay on fidning other avenues of sale. If there is anything you want please shout. You can either collect (I'm in Finchley, North London) or I can mail them out to you (obviously you'll have to pay postage). If you order more than £50 worth I'll throw in 10% discount.

So without further ado here is the list... (all are in mint condition unless stated)

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