January 31st, 2007

Old Friend

Another great email...

It seems to be the day of good news via email. Had another really good email (completely seperate from the first one) just come through. Unfortunately it's tinged with some sadness as I won't be able to do as much as I had planned to do due to work commitments (grumble).

In fact it is now looking like I might only get to the London dates (stupid stock taking weekend...).

Yes, I'm talking about the Nine Inch Nails Tour.

Ladytron have just been announced as the support :)

Could it be a better support band!!!!


(I will confirm about my availability for the Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham dates but at present it looks highly unlikely I'll be able to get away because of work... and day job work (as opposed to my own work) so it's not something I can get out of I'm afraid - sorry)
Old Friend

Angel, Games Sale and general hello...

Sarah popped over and watched another couple of episodes of Angel this evening. Unfortunately it was only a short visit as she had things to do at home tonight. Still it was nice seeing her and progressing Season 3 onwards and upwards. Shame she couldn't stay longer though as I was really up for more Angel! In my opinion Season 3 is where the show really started coming into it's own. It's probably my second favourite Season after Season 5 - which I'm longing to watch again!

The first part of my Games Sale is being wrapped up tomorrow with anything left unsold or unreserved being put on ebay. So if there is anything you like the look of please let me know asap! I'll be posting up more titles - including probably all of the Vampire Requiem books to date (apart from Belials Brood) - tomorrow.

I have tomorrow off (yay!) but have tons of work to do. I certainly won't be at the pub tomorrow night. I've not texted/emailed anyone to say it was on in anycase. Maybe rearrange for next Thursday or just miss this one and meet up properly in two weeks. The only thing that is pullign me away from work tomorrow is *possibly* going to see Smokin' Aces as it looks like it's the last day it's on at the local cinema. That's a bugger as I was kinda hoping it'd still be on this weekend and Rosie and myself could try and catch it on Saturday. But no. It's tomorrow or not until the DVD release. I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow but I think at the moment working might win through.

Oh, has anyone else listened to the new Skinny Puppy CD "Mythmaker" yet? My copy arrived earlier this week and I'm enjoying it so far. Certainly sounds better,to me, than the last Cd they brought out (whose name I can't recall and case I can not currently find). Maybe I should dig it out and listen to it again though as I really can't recall much about it. I do enjoy my Skinny Puppy though :)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hello and Good Night!

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