February 5th, 2007

Manga Me

And One?

I know there are several people out there (DJs and music lovers alike) that listen to 'And One'. Can anyone tell me what the fuss is about? I brought their 'Virgin Superstar' CD yesterday to see what they are like and they largely seem to be a bit middle of the road turgidness.

I was hoping for something with a bit of a backbone or at least some darker vocals.

Too much that is cloaked in the 'EBM' tag these days is just a poor excuse for either wannabe boy bands (like the dreadful last Apocatyma Berserk CD) or sub-standard Erasure. It's quite depressing.

Other purchases from yesterday, music wise, include:

Vocies of Masada - Another Day
Rabia Sorda - Metodos Del Caos
Funkervogt - Execution Tracks
Funkervogt - Navigator
Hocico - Hate Never Dies (The Remix Celebration)
Conjure One - Face the Music (CD Single)
The Faces of Sarah - TwentyFour
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