February 9th, 2007

Cubicle 7

SLA PDFs Gearing Up For Sale!


Just checked and the first of the SLA Industries PDFs is now up on RPGNow  for sale! The first one we've released in PDF format is KARMA. The others will be up there over the next few weeks as well as SLA 1st Edition (The red cover edition) as a freebie. Yes you heard us right a FREEBIE!

Our Victoriana range is also available on both sites in it's 1st Edition Fuzion incarnation on both RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. SLA will also eb available on DriveThru soon too.

More news to follow  :)
Gloomy Bear - Beat Up

When Polar Bears Attack...

I dreamt of designing a board game last night which was about Polar Bears invading and running rampant in London destroying cars. They wore armour and carried machine guns and were basically fighting to stop mankinds attempts to boost global warming by creating ever more pollution.

One player played the military/police whilst the other the Polar Bear hordes.

It seemed quite fun :)
Cubicle 7


It's odd what you discover is happening with a property that you considered to be pretty dead when you start researching who owns the rights to it.

Am very happy that License X is about to have a new lease of life as it was something I loved as a kid and I can't wait to see the new material for it. Not so happy that this new lease of life might mean that Property X won't be as cheap and affordable as I was hoping it would be.