February 10th, 2007

Old Friend

(TV) Primeval

Tonight saw the start of ITV's answer to Doctor Who and Torchwood - Primeval.

A six part series that deals with a team of scientists who investigate time anomolies that open portals between the present day and our prehistoric past. This portals allow travel in both directions so whilst we can explore lost worlds the critters from times past can also cross over and cause havoc in our own. The other problem with the portals is that they are unstable and can shutdown without much warning - thus trapping whatever has passed through them in the incorrect time.

I caught the first episode 15 minutes late as I forgot it was on until I read my Friends page and saw mention of it there (several times) that it was starting this evening.

I like the idea and certainly parts of it were good. I did have a problem with some of the acting and also some of the 'comedy' moments which just didn't seem to fit (nor particularly funny). The series cost £6 million so it shouldn't seem low budget. Indeed the special effects for the dinosaurs were generally very nice but the script and acting suffered in places.

I'll watch with interest and will try and catch Episode 2 next weekend. It certainly wasn't as bad as BBCs 'Robin Hood' for the first episode and I think it has potential. Whether that potentially is for a great series or a diabolic near-miss will have to wait to be seen. Fingers crossed though.

I also found the first two minutes of Episode One on YouTube as a sampler for those who may have missed it or don't live in the UK.

The Official ITV Primeval Website

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