February 15th, 2007

Old Friend

Tonight: Lostprophets + Enter Shikari

I'll be at The Astoria this evening catching The Lostprophets and Enter Shikari.

Am looking forward to see what Enter Shikari are like live as they have a unique blend of metal and trance/techno/house. They always bring a smile to my face though as I keep mispronouncing them and calling them 'Enter Shikira' which is something I'd probably be more than happy to do :p


Anyway, tonight is a night of RAWK! Am glad I'm feeling better than I was yesterday although I'm still feeling tired. But I've already cancelled two gigs this week so feel I should get my arse into gear and get out to the remaining two in my diary. Plus I've never seen any of the bands still on my list whereas the ones I cancelled I've seen before (ok, Jarvis Cocker when he was with Pulp and not as a solo artist but still...).
Nail Bunny

Yu-Gi-Oh! Names

Making some of the Yu-Gi-Oh names sound very similiar to parts of the female body is a bad thing. Because you can be guaranteed when a father and their kids ask me what we have in stock and I start running down the list of decks I'm going to mispronounce the damn thing and end up calling it the female anatomy instead.


I don't think they noticed though...
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