February 16th, 2007

Old Friend

aftermath pt1

The gig had a free bar for VIPs. This was possibly not the best of moves as, in the words of My Chemical Romance, "I am not ok".

To cap it off we went to the new Intrepid Fox after the show for a couple before I bailed and headed home. I've apparently taken some of the free cans with me too, stuffed in a couple of deep coat pockets - oopps :p

Will talk about the bands and stuff tomorrow when awake/sober. Was good night, even if we did take the piss out of The Lost Prophets a little. Ahem :p

Good gig. Great company. Bad bad drinking.

I needed to get out tonight though and it was really refreshing. For someone who is actually very shy I can be incredibly forward sometimes. Mind you I feel almost as much at home amongst the music crowd as I do the gamer crowd so I guess that helps negate the old nerves som ewhat :p

Bed now I thinks.

Good night folks xx
Old Friend

Wheezer = Ultravox Shocker????

Listening to an alternative radio station from Miami (oh, the wonders on the net) as I got bored of the selection of CDs we have here at work.

They just played Wheezer's "This Is Such A Pity" and god does it sound like Ultravox in places? Completely threw me when I saw it was Wheezer. They've changed their sound!

In post-gig news. I am not hungover at all this morning. This is something I consider a reasonable miracle but am very glad about.

More later pop-pickers :p
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Angus May 2005


My Grandmother had a major stroke during the night and is currently in a coma in hospital.

My sister (Gen) heard a bump from my grandmothers room and woke my mother up. My grandmother had somehow managed to get out of bed and collapsed on the floor lodging her body and head up against the door so it couldn't be opened. The police and amubulance arrived and the police broke through my grandmothers bedroom window to allow the paramedics in and to open the door to my mother and sisters.

She also needed six stitches to her head from where she'd knocked it falling.

She is currently completely unresponsive and the doctors have said the next 48 hours are crucial.

As my mother said, she'd actually seen all the family this week as all my sisters were at home more than usual, I'd dropped by on Monday unexpected with Rosie and said hi and my uncle and his family has visited last weekend. So if she does go atleast she saw everyone in the last week. She'd also had a nice relaxing night last night so if those are her last memories they're atleast calm ones.
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Old Friend

House Prices

Barnet (where I live) has two of the top 20 most exp3ensive streets in Britain. Kenisngton & Chelsea unsurprisingly top the list with 16 entries, with barnet in second place with 2 and Westminster and Camden having one entry each.

Barnet feature at #9 with Ingram Avenue where the average cost of a house is £4,323,591 and #14 with Winnington Road where the average property price is £3,805,664. Kensington's Kensington Square tops the poll where the average price is £5,534,480!!!

So, a little beyond my mortgage capability then. Well, currently at least :p

Chelsea 'Dominates House Prices' (BBC Online News; Friday 16th February 2007)