February 24th, 2007

Old Friend

Angel Season 3 plus Hot Fuzz reminder

Finished off watching Season 3 of Angel with Sarah this evening. Was good to see the seaon finale as S3 is probably the seaon I'm weakest on in regards to the end of it. This also means we can move onto Season 4 at somepoint and then to my favourite Season 5 when all hell breaks loose :p

Also, just before I switch this off and get some shut-eye, a quick reminder I'm off to see Hot Fuzz at the North Finchley VUE at 12.15 Saturday. If you're free please pop along :p

Night night folks!
Old Friend

Tori Amos & Aerosmith

The summer gigs are starting to be announced and a couple of interesting ones have immediately jumped out at me.

Tori Amos is playing two dates at the beginning of July (3rd/4th at the Hammersmith Apollo) but alas I think I may be missing these ones. I've seen Ms Amos several times over the last 14 years and she is a fantastic performer. But tickets for these shows are just under £40 each!!! I'm sorry but I'm finding it hard to pay that sort of money for what is, in essence, a regular evening gig with main band plus support.

Aerosmith have also announced a gig at Hyde Park on Sunday 24th June. Now this is just over £50 but the differences here is that it will be an all day event (and possibly have multiple stages if it's anything like the Hyde Park gigs I went to last year) and I've strangely enough never actually seen Aerosmith live. I've caught Steve Tyler and Joe Perry coming on as special guests at a gig (for a Bon Jovi show back in 89 or 91!) and I'd like to catch them as a complete band for old times sake more than anything else.

Also I note that The Klaxons are supporting Muse at Wembley Stadium so if Muse wasn't enough (and Muse are one of the best live bands I've ever seen) the rest of the bill sounds like it could be pretty interesting. And all for just over £40 (eat that Ms Amos!).

Type O Negative

ooo ooo ooo...
Just discovered Type O Negatuve are playing The Astoria on Thursday 21st June. Another band I saw a lot of during the 90's who used to be fab live. I knew they had a new album coming out (which I already had on preorder) but I'd love to see them live again. It certainly bring back a whole host of memories (oh, those were the days...:p)
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