March 1st, 2007

Old Friend

VHS Videos for Sale - Music & Buffy/Angel

Yeah, remember them? They existed before the DVD Age.

Anyway, I have some I want to get rid of. Current list is either music vids (some goths will be happy I'm sure :p) and Buffy/Angel sets.

If anythings grabs you please let me know. All single vids are £1 and Boxed Sets are £7.50 each or £12.50 per season.
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Old Friend

Photo's of Tony & David...

Apparently the photo of David Cameron (the Conservative Leader) during his Bullingdon Club days has been withdrawn/banned in the media. This in itself has brought its existence into more awareness as I'd not heard of, let alone seen it, before this evenings story. (Cameron Student Photo Is Banned; BBC News Online Thursday 1st March 2007)

The Bullingdon Club is " a socially exclusive student drinking society at Oxford University, without any permanent rooms, famous for its members' wealth and destructive binges. Membership is by invitation only, and prohibitively expensive for most. " (Wikipedia Entry). Certainly sounds interesting and I should have a look at its history at somepoint as it has been around for over 150 years so must have some good tales - or atleast plot hooks for storylines :p

Anyway, with my mind intrigued to see this banned article - and fully aware that you can never ban everything on the internet, I decided to have a look and within seconds had uncovered the offending photo of a very dashing young Conservative Leader (#2 in the photo) and also an equally dashing and even better Conservative MP in the form of Boris Johnson (#8).

I don;t know what all the fuss is about as it is no where near as embarassing as the one of Tony Blair (Labour Leader and our, ahem, Glorious Prime Minister) in his university days. Just check out his hand gesture in this one! (Tony is back row third from right)

I would show you one of Menzies Campbell - the Liberal Demorcrat Leader - but unfortunately the camera wasn't invented when he was at university. Sorry.