March 13th, 2007

Cubicle 7

Cannibal Sector One - Now #1!!!


Cannibal Sector One for SLA Industries is now the #1 RPG Category Best Seller at RPGNow!

Contract Directory is currently sitting at #8 too so things are going well!

Congrats to everyone involved in the project and also for everyone who's brought a copy on PDF. Print copies will be hitting pre-order customers in about two weeks time and then stores worldwide in April!
Old Friend

B-Movie Venue Update

At 8pm on Friday 13th April bmoviewill open its doors at its brand new location.

No longer at The Water Rats it has moved round the corner from Kings Cross to Canal 125, Caledonian Road, N1. Apparently the new venue has an outdoor bit with a canal running past it (let's hope people don't get slightly "too" drunk, eh?), a fantastic soundsystem and (in a shocking departure for B-Movie) AIRCONDITIONING! :p

So, April 13th. I'll have to check my diary but I reckon it could be a date. Who else is up for christening the new venue with me?
Old Friend

Work Update

I've not been feeling very well for the last couple of days. Hot and cold flushes, dizzy spells, a mild temperature and aches and pains (mainly in the old limbs). All of this has meant that I've been really unproductive both at work and on email. It also meant that Rosie and I missed the Combichrist gig at the Ballroom last night. I was just too wasted and tired to go.

I've had dips and highs today and am hopng I'll feel a bit better tomorrow. I have the day off at home and have loads to catch up on here. Be it Cubicle 7 work (I have tons of emails to do plus some proposal work to write-up and submit) or house work (which combines largely of sorting and submitting more ebay sales, putting up a washing line in the back yard (which involves drilling - oh my sweet head), and generally sort out our currently overcrowded living space - plus sorting out a couple fo the computers internet access and anothers updated Virus protection as it seems to have been compromised). Oh, I also have to sort out Skype (which shouldn't be too hard) and have a meeting in the evening in the centre of London (if I'm well enough).

I'm sure I've sent in a request to the Gods for extra days in the week. I guess they just don't like me much atm.

Take care everyone xx