March 21st, 2007

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F**king Email...

My freeserve address really seems to be playing up. It is apparently bouncing back many emails that people are trying to send me. This really is not good as several of them are for Cubicle 7 contracts and contract negotiations which are bloody important (and at least one of them is time sensitive).

I'm going to get a brand new email POP address tonight and start using that and PRAY it works fine. I'll be keeping the old freeserve account going as I've had it for almost ten years and it's been spread far and wide. I guess I'm lucky in some ways that if I ever do give up my freeserve account I'm pretty easy to locate on line if people can remember my surname. One quick google search and they'll have located me ;p

If you have sent me an email recently and not had a reply it's probably best to mail the new addy that I'll post later this evening.
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(Gamers) Conpulsion 2007 - Are You Attending?

So, I was just wondering how many of you will be at Conpulsion 2007 in Edinburgh this weekend?

Of course this poll is only relevant to my gamer readers and also those who live in, or are visting, the UK this weekend.

So, anyone joining me for a fun filled weekend?

Poll #951201 Conventions

Will you be at Conpulsion in Edinburgh this weekend?

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Peter Gabriel + Monkeys + Man Man

Peter Gabriel is playing LIVE at HYDE PARK on Saturady 23rd June!!!!

He's one of the few big artists I've not seen whom I'd absolutely love to see live (the others being David Bowie and Pink Floyd).

On the downside is the tickets are around £50 each and he's co-headlining with Crowded House (whom I'm really not keen on).


Another downside is that I can't afford to buy tickets this month so I'm just going to have to pray that their are still some tickets left come April or I suddenly come into some money in the next few days so I can justify to myself spending £100 on two tickets (I'd pick one up for Rosie too as she's a fan of both Peter Gabriel AND Crowded House - hey the girls going out with me so there's no accoutning for taste! :p).

The Brits amongst my readers will remember Johnny Vegas and Monkey! from the old ITV Satellite commericals from about 6 years ago. Well the observant amongst you may have notice that the duo have returned for the PJ Tips adverts (yay for Monkey!). Anyway, Monkey! was a massive hit in the flat of yesterday when I used to share with daver2323and Delphine so when I saw a special pack of PJ Tips which including a plush palm sized Monkey! in Tesco's earlier I just had to buy it. Monkey! is sooo cute. I'm thinking of making him a Cubicle 7 logo t-shirt and making him our mascot for conventions.

...are a rather strange band from Philadelphia. Rosie got the CD this morning and decided to put it on the stereo in the office for me to listen to whilst I work. It is indeed playing now (even though I'm not actually working atm - naughty Angus). I must say they are rather wonderful. I really don't know what I'd classify them as though. They are pretty experimental in places but have defintely caught my interest. They sound like a good fun band.
For more info check out their WEBSITE or their MYSPACE pages...

Right, I'll try to get a little more done and then have an early night so I can get up at 7 and fit in another couple of hours of work before heading to the day job. Off to see 300 tomorrow night and then flying up to Edinburgh on Friday early afternoon :)
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