March 23rd, 2007

Old Friend

The 300 - A Fantasy Comedy Gorefest Bonanza!

I went and saw The 300 this evening with Rosie. I usually don't do evening trips to the cinema - especially when a film has just come out (today was it's first proper release screening here in the UK). The cinema was packed. A far cry from last Saturday when we went and saw Outlaw first thing in the morning and were the only two people in the entire screen! I'm just glad we got in early and got decent seats!

Anyway, you can't take The 300 seriously. I know it's been getting a load of people's nerves up due to 'historical inaccurcies' but it's not historical in the slightest. You don't even have to see the fantasy mutants to know that! I'd certainly call the film a fantasy comedy gorefest.

Fantasy - Because it is a fantasy film for all intents and purposes.
Comedy - Because you can't take it seriously and it has actually got some very good lines in it.
Gorefest - Because, well, it's 300 against 1 million and the 300 do pretty well. You decide how bloody it is eh?

Overall I did enjoy the film. I liked the style it was filmed in and the use of colours. Frank Miller's other film adaptation - Sin City - is still my favourite of the two. The 300 is good but not great. I'm really glad I saw it but I really don't know if it'll end up in my Top Ten this year. It would be one I'd watch again though at somepoint in the future.

School Report: B (Good but not overly compelling viewing)