March 26th, 2007

Old Friend

Mika = Scissor Sisters

I'm back from Edinburgh! Actually I've been back since the wee hours of Monday morning.

I'll try and post about the weekend and the show later if I can (I'm currently in the middle of catching up on loads of emails, trawling through SPAM for that solitary email that got put in the wrong place and also wondering if I should really check out everyone's LJ posts on my F-List since Thursday evening!!!).

Anyway, the reason for posting is to say that the new MIKA CD is a nuch better follow-up to the debut Scissor Sisters CD than they brought out themselves!

Over the weekend a load of CDs have apparently fallen onto my door step.

So far this evening my soundtrack has consitsed of The Klaxons, Mika, Air and (currently) Grinderman (Nick Cave's new band!). In my not too distant future they'll be joined by new albums from Necro Facility, Norah Jones, Within Temptation and Justin Timberlake. I might also see if I can steal the Nelly Furtado CD off Rosie for a once over too...

Anyway, enough of this. I have work to catch up on goddamit! :p
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