March 29th, 2007

Old Friend

Rock Reunion @ Love/Hate

Last night I headed down to Camden to catch up with a few of the guys and gals that I used to go drinking and rock clubbing with in my teens. I've not seen the majority of them for 14+ years! A few of the others I hadn't seen since the Monsters of Rock Festival at Donnington in '95. In fact the only people I was still in contact with was Mike (whom I see once or twice a month) and Sarah (whom I'd last seen about 3-4 years ago but we still emailled/texted every so often).

On one hand it was strange catching up with them after such a long gap, but on the other is was still so familiar. It hadn't really felt that over a decade had passed since we were all going out together. The main differences were really the general growth in girth that most of us had gained and the slightly less level of insanity that used to persevere when we hung out.

One thing I did learn last night is that I'm really not into rock music (or atleast 'most' rock music) any more. I was never a big fan of Love/Hate in anycase. I had 2 or 3 singles on 7" but only really ever knew "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope" to sing along to (ok, the chorus). On last nights performance I didn't miss anything from never having brought their CD. They seemed professional and certainly the crowd - including several of the reunion party - really, really enjoyed it. I just got a bit bored though and ended up chatting with a couple of the others in a slightly less loud corner.

It was nice seeing everyone again. But to be honest, apart from the two that I'm in contact with anyway, I don't think it'll be kick starting a brand new round of mayhem and get togethers. Not least because hardly anyone seems to live in London anymore!
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