April 8th, 2007

Old Friend

Sunshine, Dr Who and The Host

I saw 'Sunshine' yesterday. The new Danny Boyle and Alex Garland film. Anyone else seen it yet? Anyone else thought it was all a bit dull and disappointing? Certainly nowhere near as good as 28 Days Later. The film seemed to want to be a 2001 for the post-2001 generation. I certainly didn't feel it succeeded though. Someone else compared it to Solaris but I've never seen Solaris so can't comment.

I thought some of the acting was good, as were some of the sets and special effects. But it was definetly missing something (apart from the action which I felt was promised by the trailers but never really materialised), maybe a half-decent plot would have helped... and I'm not talking about the "Sun is dying we must nuke it" one. More to do with later events concerning Icarus 1 (he says so as not to give anything away).

Certainly not one to bother seeing again. School Report: a very generous C-.


Being ill this week, plus having a long weekend due to Easter, has confused my days. I didn't realise today was Saturday and I have subsequently missed Doctor Who because of that. Thank God for satellite TV and repeats :p


Saw The Host this evening with Rosie. Very enjoyable Korean monster film. Rosie is still poorly though and I will now sign off in favour of cuddles.

Night night world!