April 19th, 2007

Old Friend

DRAGON and DUNGEON Magazines to Cease Publication

This is a major shock on the games scene. Dragon and Dungeon magazines have been a cornerstone for many role-players over the years. The magazine has boasted some amazing talent too and has launch the career of many novelists and artists over the years.

Dragon is over 30 years old (forst published back in 1976) and was one of the first magazines I brought when I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in the early 80's (along with White Dwarf which was a general RPG magazine back then). It was a flagship for the hobby and helped introduce people into the hobby - especially when it had newstand distribution.

Paizo's publishing license for the two magazines is expiring this autumn and Wizards of the Coast (the company which owns the rights to both magazines) has decided not to renew and, instead, focus on regular web content on their own sites to support and grow the game.

This is a major blow. Not only for Dungeons & Dragons players, Paizo and retailers, but to the hobby. The magazines allowed people who might not know a lot about the hobby a cheap and easy window. It allowed people to stumbled across the hobby whilst browsing newsagents or book stores. It allowed people to break in to writing and art by publishing their work.

Anyway, RIP Dragaon and Dungeon Magazines. You've served us well and we will remember you fondly.

I would love to see somekind of flagship magazine take over the crown but I sadly fear in this day and age of the 'net that will probably be unlikely and a hard task for anyone who cares to try. But then again there are many people out there that like a challenge :p

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