April 22nd, 2007

Old Friend

Gameforce 'Free' Today [Angus can't make it though :( ]

Hello folks,

Unfortunately it seems almost impossible that I will be able to make GameForce this afternoon. We had (at work) a major convention yesterday in London and as I'm off to the States tomorrow (Monday) for a trade show all next week I'm having to get all the stock checked back in and restock orders placed before I leave. I was here until 10 last night and was in again at 8.30 this morning.

I still have a ton of stuff to go through too.

Plus I need to pack this evening and spend some time with my girlfriend before I'm off, off and away.

As I won't be able to make the club today it's going to be a freebie session! I won't be there to collect the money or hold the raffle (nor bring the usual tower of games unfortunately so fingers-crossed people have enough to play!) so please enjoy yourselves in my absence! :p

I hope you all have a great day playing games and will certainly catch you all on May 20th!

Take care and happy gaming!

Old Friend

To The City of Sin...

It's that time of year again when work whisks me off to Las Vegas for a week.

It doesn't seem like a year (well, actually a little over a year as the shows dates have moved) since I was last there.

I do enjoy the trip - even if I bitch about long haul flights and don't like the gam,bling atmosphere. I enjoy meeting up with friends that I only seem to see on the Convention circuit in the States and/or in Germany/France. Why don't they come over to Britain more??? That's what I want to know! ;p

Anyway, I'm spending a week in Vegas and should be back in London Town next Monday.

God help my liver.

I'll try and keep this updated whilst I'm away. I'm supposed to be writing a Convention Blog on the leisuregames LJ anyway so should really be logging on at least once a day to update that!

If I don't update before I fly (tomorrow morning) I hope everyone has a great week and to try and catch up with some of you in Vegas!