April 24th, 2007

Old Friend

We have a connection... I repeat we have a connection...

Yay! I have a Net connection!!!

After failing to log on to any network since I got to Vegas yesterday afternoon I was beginning to worry that I was going to be in the wilderness for the entire trip!

Damn the size of these Vegas hotel rooms though. They're so large (and I was too tired to explore it in its entirity) that I missed a little black box on one of the desks that has a 'High Speed Internet Connection' note on it! Doh!

Anyway, all signed up and working now.

Bally's is a nice hotel. Much better than the Riveria was last year. The Trade Hall opens this afternoon at noon but there's seminars up until then. I doubt I'll be attending those (or many of them in any case) as I need to head and hunt down some breakfast and then should really head back up here and check through my emails/LJ, etc.

Last night (and much of the afternoon since I arrived at 2pm) was spent in the company of Steve and Tom from Esdevium Games. Mainly at bars it must be said. Caught up with a few other folk wandering the Bally's bars too which was nice. I crashed out about 10pm (6AM UK time) and apart from waking up once for a couple of hours around 4am I slept pretty well.

The flight over was very, very smooth. I was in a double decker plane and hadn't even realised we'd taken off until we were quite high up! I'm beginning to think that that monster plane the French are building could be a very nice move!

Missing Rosie. She drove me down to Gatwick and saw me off which was really nice.

Anyway, stomach rumbling. Food then more net!