April 29th, 2007

Alien vs Kitten

My Feet Were Born For Walking...

...and boy have I walked today.

I went over to Boulevard Mall somewhere on the outskirts of Vegas and the Americans do like to have their Malls spread out.

In the UK we have them on several floors but over here they seem to like to have them all on one level but that level being very, very vast. It was a bit disappointing to be honest. Not that I really expected otherwise. I primarily went for books, music, jelly bellies and Hot Topic.

I ended up buying the latest Jim Butcher book in the Dresden Files series (White Knight) in Hardback as it's not released in the UK from Barnes & Nobles. I couldn't find any music I wanted to buy. I was tempted with Seasons 4 and 5 of The Shield but have to finish Season 2 first and I'd also prefer Region 2 DVDs if possible. Hot Topic had very little in it  but  did end up buying three new NIN  shirts as they were only about £8 each after the dollar to pound conversion :p

I failed on the Jelly Bellies mission and also popped into Toys R Us which was as disappointing (if not actually more so) than its UK counterpart. Although they did have several Heroscape Expansions which haven't made it over the pond as yet. I was also tempted by the US edition of Monopoly but controlled my urges.

I then caught a cab back to the hotel, had lunch and went for an hour or so walk up and down part of The Strip. Just spending an hour walking around doesn't actually get you very far here. The Strip is massive and each of the hotels individually takes up so much room! I got as far as New York New York and Excalibur before deciding to head back again. The heat is pretty impressive out there today (about 36 Celcius I believe) and it's clear skies (or was, there's currently something on fire a few blocks away by the looks of it - which explains all the fire engines that rushed by when I was on Skype with Rosie a few minutes ago).

I stopped by at The Bellagio again to see the water show. It's still impressive but much more so at night.

(photo nicked from a random website)

Going past The Bellagio always reminds me of the closing scenes of Oceans Eleven :p

Anyway, back at Ballys for my final night. Am tired from walking and not sure what I'm going to do this evening. I may call in Room Service later for some food and watch one of the movies on Telly (they have Alpha Dog :p) before having an early night.

Tomorrow I fly back to London (arriving Monday morning) so I doubt I'll be updating tomorrow. I just hope I can fit everything in my suitcases and they're under the weight limit : /

Catch you all laters.
Paddington Travelling

Home James...

Right. Packed and ready to check out of the hotel.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to be doing for the next few hours. My flight isn't until just after 4pm (it's just after 9am now!).

I think I may pootle about until midday and then head off to the airport and book in early. May try and get a bit of an upgrade if possible :p

All being well I'll be touching down on British soil again on Monday morning. Rosie's meeting me at the airport and then it's home and possibly some rest.

I start work again on Tuesday and am 'hoping' I have Wednesday off as per usual but I have a feeling I may have to work as they'll almost certainly be a nice backlog waiting for me. We'll see.

Anyway, I had a nice time over here. It was good catching up with people and making a few new friends. Had some very good meetings which will hopefully bear fruit over the next year or two.

Next US trip is in August for GenCon Indy. That'll be a major one for us as Cubicle 7 have a trade stand over there and four of us are flying over for the best part of a week. Hopefully sales will be good!

Next year for GTS Rosie and myself are going to see if we can both come over and have a holiday post show. Hire a car in Vegas and drive up to LA and then San Francisco. Alternatively we could come early and start off in San Fran and then go to LA, Vegas and finish off in Phoenix.

For some reason I want to go to Phoenix!

For now, for me, it's back to Europe.

Talk to you all once I'm back on British soil!