May 1st, 2007

Toilet - Damn


I just spent the best part of 30 minutes writing up a really long post about Indie Press Games and my thoughts on their sales potential, future predictions and potential troubles down the road when the webmail client I was working on (I was/am at work) crashed on me and lost the lot!

It had to happen on a post that I was really proud of and thought would wake a few people up and generate a fair bit of debate on a mailing list I'm on.

Grrr - I really REALLY hate it when that happens.

I guess I was 'logged' off for taking so long about it? I don't know.

In anycase, the post is completely lost. I'm now wiating for Rosie to come and pick me up from work and then we're off for a Starbucks before heading home to possibly try and rewrite it.
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