May 3rd, 2007

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Fantasy Mogul Part II

If anyone is interested in joining Fantasy Mogul (see my last post) and fancies joining the private League that I'm a member of please email me on angus at cubicle7 and I'll send you the League Name and Password.

Take care and hope to see some of you for some movie madness! :)
Old Friend

The Sudanese Goat Marriage & Other Stories

Many of you will have read the story I posted last year from the BBC's website about the Sudanese man who was forced to marry a goat he was found to 'treating as you would your wife'.

Many of you may have read it elsewhere as it has in fact been one of the BBC's most read news stories in the websites history.

Well, sadly, little over a year later the marriage is over. The goat has died, having choked on qa plastic bag (apparently one it ate on the street and not during some kinky adventures).

Original Story: Sudan Man Forced To "Marry" Goat (BBC Online News; Friday 24th February 2006)
Todays Story: Sudan's Famous Goat "Wife" Dies (BBC Online News; Thursday 3rd May 2007)

In other news, I was also amused by the 747 that has been abandoned in a high street when the driver got lost... The Boeing 747 Stuck in City Road (BBC Online News; Thursday 3rd May 2007)

So, will we be reactivating Hadrians Wall?

So, if the Scottish Nationalist Party wins up north today a poll will be called to vote on Scottish Independence and breaking away from the current Union they have with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They may win today too. Although even if they do various polls have shown that the majority of Scots do not favour breaking away from the rest of the Union to form their own country.

But what if they did win the vote for an Independent Scotland?

Would that mean we'd have to reactivate Hadrian's Wall and use it as one big Passport and Customs Control? Afterall, all Scots would be illegal immigrants in England and would need VISA's to stay living and working here because they would no longer be part of the United Kingdom nor would they be part of the European Union which allows free movement of EU citizens.

So, we'd have to deport all the Scots and they'd have to go through all the red tape to come back in. Or wait until Scotland successfully applied for EU membership which could, because of the process, take years!

Hadrian's Wall could be the Scots/English version of the Mexican Border proposals!
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