May 10th, 2007

Old Friend

28 Weeks Later - This Saturday!

I'm off to see 28 Weeks Later this Saturday at 10.30am at VUE North Finchley. Partially in celebration of the doom that is my birthday and partially because I just really want to see this film :p

So, if any of you are around and fancy joining Rosie and myself please feel free to do so :D

I'm not sure of the post-film plans but they might involved a game of pool or two (plus a pint a two maybe...) at the bar at the Hollywood Bowlong Centre which is beneath the cinema complex. Or food. Ore something entirely different...
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Old Friend

Prince Live Tongiht - London KOKO

Just a quicky to let people know that Prince is playing Camden KOKO tonight! Tickets are £31.21 (to celebrate the name of his new album) and are, remarkably, still available.

I won't be going (due to no spare cash this month). He's also announcing 21 more dates in London throughout August at a variety of venues of all sizes!

For tonights tickets : TICKETMASTER
Old Friend

Goodbye Mr Blair!

OK, a bit early as his conference hasn't taken place yet.


Glad to see the back of you.

Still, a lot of hard work is needed to get this country back on track. The Thatcher/Blair years haven't been our finest ones.