May 21st, 2007


Doctor Who

I'm very surprised to see a number of my friends thought that saturday's episode of Doctor Who was one of the best in the current season so far.

Now admittedly I've only seen a couple of other episodes so far of Season 3 but if Saturdays was one of the best then I really dread to think what the others have been like.

I found Saturdays episode very dull and pretty much a carbon copy of the episode with the black hole in Season 2 in several places. I certainly didn't feel it 'gave' anything to the Who-mythology or was actually entertaining. It did have a few highlights but they basically involved Martha's mother.

Anyway, hope I disagree with the others who liked it by liking all the episodes they apparently didn't!
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Linkin Park vs Marilyn Manson

Two of my favourite bands. Two new albums either about to be released or alraedy on the market.

I got Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" last Monday when it was released and have managed to listen to it a few times so far.

Overall it is a good album but I'm finding it quite disappointing. The urgency has gone and their sound has mellowed quite considerably. Now part of this is due to one of the lead singers being told to change the style of his singing or he'll destroy his vocal chords. Unfortunately this departure does take some of the magic out of the band and it's sound.  The new album is a million miles away from their fantastic Hybrid Theory and even the wekest track on Hybrid Theory would seem like a gem of brilliance on Minutes to Midnight.

Now Marilyn Manson's Alice in Wodnerland inspired  "Eat Me, Drink Me" album is being released here in the UK on the 4th June. I've already heard the singel from it ("Heart-Shaped Glasses") a number of times and seen the video on both the net and also now on TV across a few music channels.

Heart-Shaped Glasses is certainly not a dance floor track like many of MM's single releases. The song itself is a much slower song reminiscant to the bulk of the tracks on Mechanical Animals (which is my favourite MM album to date). The video is also a departure from the usual MM visual affairs with none of the weird and wonderful costumes and twisted darkness. Sure, the video is still pretty twisted but you get to see Brain Warner (lead singer) with minimal make-up and really showing signs of wear-and-tear (someone over the weekend compared him to Alice Cooper 20 years ago).

I have a lot of hope for the new Marilyn Manson album. Here's to the 4th June coming round and hopefully a nice packet landing on my doorstep so I can enjoy it!

I've included the full version of the new Heart-Shaped Glasses video. The full length version comes with an introduction. This is not Work-Safe and shouldn't be viewed if you don't like seeing naked people. Or blood for that matter...