May 26th, 2007


Doctor Who - All Change Please

It seems that the bosses at BBC are going to be making some changes to Doctor Who.

Newspaper reports today seem to idnicate that Freema Agyeman is going to be axed at the end of tthe current season. Insiders claim that whilst her initial performances were viewed as strong and came in for a lot of praise she has faltered over the course of the season and the Beeb now feel a replacement should be brought in.

Also it seems we may be about to see the eleventh Doctor during Season 4. Apparently David Tennant has signed up for half of Season 4.
Old Friend

Bank Holiday Plans...

Well, that's the end of another working day. Now for two days off - in a row! Must be a record for me! :p

I'm celebrating by doing our supermarket shop this evening as the house is pretty much out of supplies of all types. Then, after cooking, hoping to either cuddle down with Rosie for a DVD or play a board game or two. Then an early night beckons.

Tomorrow is Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in Finchley, followed by who knows what. Maybe bowling, maybe pool, maybe a meal with friends or maybe something else entirely.

My two missions for the next two days is to spend at least one whole day on Cubicle 7 stuff (or two lots of about 6-hour sessions minimum) and a trip into London with Rosie to either go walkies in green space (weather permititng - which is doubtful looking outside right now) or hit HMV on Oxford Street as I have a DVD to exchange and I think I may be buying a Nintendo DS for the girl as she has a Nintendogs (?) craving.

Life is pretty good atm. Although could still do with more hours in the day, etc. I'm also really going to try to get to the gym next week. Must start swimming again and doing some bike or running exercises. Should also try and cut-down/give up smoking again as the last few weeks have seen an uprise in that nasty habit again.

Next weekend is off to Birmingham for the UK GAMES EXPO which sounds like it should be a really good show. We're running a joint Leisure Games and Cubicle 7 stand - but also debuting a non-games project that Rosie and myself are setting up which should be of interest to gamers too. Cubicle 7's Polish publishing partner might also be coming over to demo some games too. I'm waiting to hear back as he was having problems with flights.

Anyway, need to get on with my evening. Hope everyone has a great weekend (and extended weekends for those lucky enough to live in countries who have this Monday off :p) and catch you all soon!