June 25th, 2007

Contemplating Cucumber

The mind wanders full of thoughts of changes...

I've been contemplating quite a lot about what I'm doing recently. Or rather, where I am.

I guess it's expected after a relationship break-up, especially one where you've been living with your partner and had made plans stretching out a fair way. Things change, you adapt to the changes. The thing is I'm not sure where my 'adaptation' is exactly going to go.

The first thing on my mind is my living space. When Rosie moves out it'll just be Jade and myself in the three bedroom house in London. Rent is not cheap. In fact rent is £1170/month. Then there are bills on top of that. The way I've worked rent for the place since Sasha and Dave moved out is that my fellow inhabitants pay me a flat fee of £450/month and that covers all the bills (electricity, gas, water, TV license, SKY package, Broadband, Council Tax, etc). It ends up with me covering more than £450 myself but as the majority of the communal space is taken up with my stuff (books, games, dvds, etc) I think that's only fair.

Now I've been covering Rosie's rent since she moved down so nothing in the short term will really change. My personal expenditure each month is still going to be the best part of £2000 (once I take into account loan and credit card repayments). The problem being was that if Rosie and myself had worked out she would have eventually been able to pay the rent, thus bringing my tally down.

I've converted the spare room into an office and am keen on trying to keep it one as I like the extra space and also it changes my work ethics when the computer is in an 'office' and not in my bedroom. The problem is - is running an 'office' worth the extra £450 I'd be paying a month?

If not then the question raises itself, should Jade and myself look at getting a new housemate. Or should I just look at moving somewhere else.

The moving somewhere else has problems of its own of course. A single bedroom flat tends to see you paying out a lot more than you would in a shared house and generally for a lot less space. Of course if I looked outside of London rents come down considerably. This was brought home when Rosie was looking at house rents in Leicester. I could have a three bedroom house for about £400-500/month up there! That's a total price and NOT only a third share of it either.

London is bloody expensive. But it is where my job is and it's a job I a) love and b) am paid well for doing. I really don't want to contemplate leaving it. If I can make an extra £450+/month through my various other ventures then I'd be covering the extra rent. But is there much point is working nearly every minute of 'spare' time in order to cover this cost? I should really be thinking about bringing in an extra £1500+/month extra to make this worth my while. Atleast then I'm "making" money I can put away (or spend :p) rather than just getting it to help me tread water. Plus, as far as the work with Cubicle 7 is concerned, I'm have partners in the business plus employee freelancers so (certainly at the moment) can't afford to pay myself a 'wage'. All the money we currently generate goes back into paying for the new stuff we're doing. At somepoint (probably later this year) I may be able to start drawing out some of my Director Loans from the company which would be nice but I'd rather use that money to reinvest in one of the companies rather than spend it on living expenses.

There are projects in the works (both within Cubicle 7/Nightfall and outside of them) that could bare some very nice fruit. Some of these would give me payback sooner than others (if I get the time to concentrate on them). Some are much longer, and more nebulous, concerns that may or may not happen - but would be great if they did.

I have to sit down and work out what I'm doing and where 'I' want to be. I also need to decide the best way to handle some of the investments and maybe bring some more people on board (money, time and skill investment) to help see them grow to the level of payback they realistically can achieve and start giving those involved decent dividends/wages.

Anyway, these are my musings at present. I've now finished lunch and have to get back to doing the job I'm being paid for.

Hope everyone else is doing well out there in LJ land (or in random RSS feed-land for those viewing my LJ trhough feeder sites :p)

Until later this is Angus Signing Out :)
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