July 4th, 2007


(Doctor Who) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the love of every f**king thing in the universe NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

How the f**k could the bloody BBC let this happen.

Catherine Tate was a bloody travesty in the Christmas Special. It was by far the worst Doctor Who episode I've ever seen.

Now she's bloody going to be the new Companion in Season 4. I think I may give up now. The woman (atleast in this role and the bits of 'comedy' I've seen her in) is more irritating than words could describe.

Tate To Be Doctor's New Companion (BBC News Online; Tuesday 3rd July 2007)

Sadly no Aprils Fool :(

I just really hope that they really reprise her character but I'm not being hopeful with this one :(
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Alan Johnston Freed

I'm really pleased that Alan Johnston has finally been freed. Remembering some of the kidnappingsthat took place in the 80's in Beirut and how many years some of them could go on for (plus the current situations of many in South America) I was really afraid that his captivity could drag out from weeks to months and into years - if he wasn't killed in the process.

Anyway, Alan Johnston is now free. It's a shame the same can't happen to all those who are illegally being kept in confinement.

BBC's Alan Jonhston Is Released (BBC News Online; Wednesday 4th July 2007)
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Drink Time

I'm in need of a drink and am off to remedy that fact in a few minutes.

It's a school night so I should be reasonably well behaved but I'm a mood where I may not be.

Haven't been 'tipsy' in ages (apart from after the Pet Shop Boys gig but, er, well everyone kept plying me with booze and it'd be bad form to turn them down!).

Just hope my hip holds out (am not having a good day today - may explain later but my hip may finally be a bit screwed).
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Anger & Dreams

I'm angry.

Angry at myself for things that only I can deal with. I'm angry over nothing and angry over everything.

Yeah, one of those moods.

Parts of my life I really love, parts of my life I really hate. Parts of my life I feel trapped in.

I really have to sort bits out before another ten years have passed by in a blink of an eye.

Time is not your friend. Never will be. All those dreams you have - or had - you should try do them. You only remember one life (or atleast most of us only remember the life we currently lead) so fill it with memories, accomplishments and happy things.

Don't sit on your arse all the time and then complain and wonder where everything has gone.

If you have dreams follow them. It's better to have tried and failed than to live your life wondering "What If...?".

And before you ask no, I haven't started drinking yet. Give me an hour to get ready and down to the (now smoke free) pub. I'll start then. I'll also try and make sure I don't let myself near ANY computer when I get back later either. I don't want to read the bullshit I might spout tomorrow morning when I'm nursing a hangover!