July 10th, 2007


Zombie Chihuahuas and Cheerleaders

I seem to have slept for an age last night - but without any of the advantages of waking up feeling refreshed.

Rosie and myself were having quite a tearful night. It was her last here in London before she moves back to Leicester today. We ended up going and crashing out for a cuddle and ended up falling asleep fully dressed and tearful.

Apart from a brief waking at about 2.30am we hardly stirred until the alarm went off at 7.30 this morning.

I don't know if this had any impact on last nights dreamland adventures. The ones I can remember most vividly had zombies in them. First I was preparing for a zombie holocaust. Hoarding essential supplies, planning exit strategies and boarding up my house and vehicle for maximum protection.

Another one saw me in a high rise hotel block looking out at the streams of zombie masses flowing through the streets fighting each other and anything living they came across. I heard noises out in the corridor and upon looking out I saw a woman being chased by (what I presume) her zombified Chihuahuas. I managed to climb up the outside fire exit to the roof of the building where myself, and some other survivors, managed to escape by helicopter.

The third had a younger Angus escaping a town gone mad with the zombie curse on his bicycle. I was streaking through the streets when I came across a crowd of about 5 or 6 zombie cheerleaders. Being slightly cornered by the shambling deadgirls I grabbed my bikes mirror and shoved it in front of me at them. This had the effect of them stumbling to a halt and just staring at their reflections - enslaved by the images. Needless to say I took the lead and caved their heads in with a baseball bat I had strapped to my back :p

I never knew that zombie cheerleaders could be immobilised by their own image. I'll have to remember that one when the holocaust comes :p

Anyway, in real life Rosie is moving away tonight. As much as I understand the reasons and think it's probably the best move it's still hurting me - and visibly hurting her which makes me feel even worse about the situation. I will miss her. But as I keep telling her we're only a phone call apart and it's only a couple of hours between London and Leicester if we decide to meet up.

I'm not sure when we'll be seeing each other again. It was going to be in a couple of weeks for the Emilie Autumn gig but unfortunately it clashes with one of her friends birthday bashes so she won't be coming down. With both of us busy at both ends of August I guess it's probably going to be September. This might be good in some respects as it means we'll have had time to come to terms with things and will know much better by then if this is what we really want to be doing and, if not, what we should try and do to resolve things.

If you see Rosie please give her your support and hugs. If you see me you can give me some hugs too :p

Laters - and avoid those zombies!!!
Old Friend

US$ Hits 26 Year Low Against UK£

When you're getting paid in Dollars this is not a good thing. Luckily many of our outgoings at Cubicle 7 are also in Dollars so it's not effecting us too much. Might just mean we look at getting more US based freelancers over their European counterparts though...

Anyway, at one point today £1 would get you $2.027. Makes our GenCon hotel that much cheaper if it stays along those lines. Also means that we have to sell even MORE books at GenCon to cover our air fares (which are in UK Pounds Sterling). But it does mean that we'll be able to party hard as that won't cost us as much :p

I will have to keep my wallet in check when I'm over there though. There are so many cool games coming out at GenCon that I wants - and that's without going to one of the local DVD and book shops...