July 11th, 2007

Old Friend

Passing Time...

I have the day off today but am not really up to much. Even though I have a load of things I *should* be doing.

Rosie took a laden-full car up to Leicester last night and is currently en route back here with a van to pack everything else into. I've spent part of the morning packing books into boxes for her. I'm going miss the girl.

Probably won't be up to anything until Rosie's back on the road. Even then I don't think I'll be up for much work-related stuff today. I *might* go and see Shiny Toy Guns at Islington Academy tonight as it's probably good to get out of the house. I don't know anyone else who's going but then that's never stopped me going to see bands before. The chances are I'll bump inot someone I know and even if I don't then it might not be a bad thing as I don't know how socialble I'll be feeling. Might be the case of watch bands/have drinks/ignore the rest of the world.

'Or' I may go and see Die Hard 4 for a bit of mindless action 'or' just stay home, read and have an early night.

I have a meeting tomorrow night after work so that's covered and I'm busy on saturday morning and Saturday evening plus Sunday as it's one of my sisters (Gen #3) birthdays and we're having a family meal. I've certainly got enough things I should be doing to keep my mind off things I guess.

Received the new Interpol (Our Love To Admire) and New Young Pony Club (Fantastic Playroom) CDs this morning. I also copied onto the computer the Calvin Harris (I Created Disco) and Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad) CDs as they'll be departing later and I wouldn't mind hearing what they're like.

Anyway, time to make a Harry Potter entry and then, I dunno, do something until Rosie and the van arrives.

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Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix - North Finchley VUE 09.30AM Saturday 14th July

Anyone up for joining Toos, Simpson and myself for the new Harry Potter film this Saturday? First performance is 9.30am and (I believe) that's the one we're aiming for. If it isn't I'll let people know.

I'm going to book some tickets in advance for those who confirm just in case. The early morning Saturday performance isn't usually very busy - even for new films - but this is Harry Potter so I'm not going to chance it. Plus I only live a few minutes walk from the cinema so it doesn't take me five minutes to go and get the tickets (well, ok it probably takes me 20 minutes round trip but you get the picture :p).

So if you want to come on Saturday let me know here or by text!
Old Friend

Empty Spaces

Well that's it.

Rosie has been fully packed and has hit the road.

Goodbye girl. Speak to you soon and good luck with your new life in Leicester and hope to see you soon.

I feel shattered. Emotionally and physically after lugging boxes all afternoon/evening.

I hate break ups but break ups when living with your partner are even harder as a) you have to watch them leave (if they are the one who moves which in my case has always been the way as they've moved out of London after the split) and b) the place just feels so empty afterwards.

They're also harder because to live together is a big commitment and your feelings are even closer than just dating.

Anyway, I need an early night.

I'll try and keep the teenage angst off LJ as much as possible. Thanks for putting up with me for the last couple of weeks. Night night fair readers.
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