July 14th, 2007

Angus In the Woods

Weekend General Update

Headed over to 

sinbadsilk and alexmatt's last night to join sahra_patroness and a couple fot heir friends (who are on LJ but I didn't get their nicks...?) for a meal followed by a film. I was tasked with supplying the movie so took a selection with me. After a very close vote we ended up watching the ever brillaint and enjoyable 'The Prestige' by Christopher Nolan starring Chirstian bale and Hugh Jackman.

I still love that film. I enjoyed the book (which is pretty different from the film) but I really do think the changes they made for the film work very well.

Very nice evening and one which was thankfully received after the last week.

There was no rest for the wicked however and I was up and at the cinema by 9.20 this morning to meet sinbadsilk, sahra_patroness, weaselbitch, siroswold, Mark and Kat for Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix. I'd pre-brought tickets with the worry that even an early Saturday mronign eprformance may be in demand for the new HP film. I needn't have worried though. Although the cinema was busier than usual for that time of day the screen was still largely empty and thankfully only had about six or seven kids in there. Everyone else was either the parents of said kids or adults. Enjoyed the film on a number of levels especially the fight scene towards the end :)

Looking forward to the final book and then the last two films.

Apart from a really cool Transformers trailer I hadn't seen before (with multi-mech combat :p) they also showed the trailer for I Am Legend - which does look like it could be very good. Keep 'em coming Silver Screen people! :)

Also finally got to speak to Alex and Delphine today. I hadn't spoken to Delphine since before Joachim was born at the beginning of June. A lot has changed for both of us since then. They sound very happy though - even if they are tired and haven't managed to do anything that hasn't involved the baby. It reinforces my mind that I am in no way ready for kids. I complain about time constraints now - I'd hate to know what I'd be like if I had little feet running around! Plus I'd kinda need a mommy to help me become a daddy and that's not exactly happening right now.

I'm aiming to try and go over to France to see them at the end of September/early October as I'll be over in Paris for a convention around then anyway and can take a detour for a couple of days to catch up.

Beyond that I've had a bit of a weird day. I feel dislocated at the moment. The only thing I'm sure about is my belief and desire to work and grow Cubicle 7. Housing situation could be changing again - and possibly more radically than I thought it would. Which throws up a load of questions in its own right.

I want to get settled and be able to get my head down to work. Apart from the outstanding projects we have as a company I still have a host of ideas which are growing on an almost daily basis that I want to take the time to write and develope. It all comes back to time. Oh and cash I guess.

Anyway I'm sad to say that it's not even 9.30 yet and I'm about to call it a day. I just need to get my head down and sleep for a bit. Too much confusion and thought atm. At least this way I can hope to try and wake up super early tomorrow and get a load of things done (who knows - maybe even that mythical trip to the gym!) before heading to my mothers for my little sisters 24th birthday.

24. I still think of her as 14 I think. I remember what I was getting up to at 24 (and before then) and just can't equate that age to her. It seems scarey. Hmm... back on to that time issue again aren't I?

Catch you guys n gals later. Peace out.


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