July 24th, 2007

Old Friend

I don't think I'll ever legally be able to drive...

...my eyesight is seriously decreasing I think.

I've just had to really ramp up the font size on the computer so I don't have to squint lots to make it legible. It might also explain the headaches I've been having recently.

I think this week sees me book an opticians appointment and then somehow find some cash for a new pair of glasses (my glasses tend to cost about £180 a pair due to my dire eyesight and needing the lens 'thinned' so it doesn't look like I'm walking around with a pair of binoculars strapped to my head!).

With any luck I may have passed that magical 8.0 barrier which means I'm officially blind and can claim subsidy on both my glasses and also (apparently) disability allowance (?!? WTF?!?).

Good job I never dreamed of being a pilot when I was a kid isn't it!

EDIT: I may have disability levels wrong. If someone knows please let me know. I'm actually 95% certain it's not -8.0 now after seeing some of my readers eyesight figures!!!!