July 25th, 2007

Cubicle 7

French Translations?

I don't suppose there's any of you who would be prepared to translate some French RPG books into English for a small fee plus a royalty on books sold is there?

The small fee is really a nominal 'thank you' so don't get too excited - the 'small' is the key word in the sentence (but it will be three figures in UK Pounds Sterling). The royalty should help though - especially if the books sell well!

The idea is to provide the translation and then I, or another writer, will rewrite them with any changes,etc, for the Anglo-American audience. We'd be looking at releasing the first title in Q2 2008 if possible.

I could try and translate them myself but my French is very rusty (and was never good at the best of times) and it would probably take me all year to translate just a small book!!!

Let me know if interested on angus @ cubicle7.co.uk