July 27th, 2007

Old Friend

Monster Movies...

Finally got round today (at lunch) to see the teaser trailer for the JJ Abrams (Lost) new 'Monster' flick which is being released in the States on 18th January. It's currently untitled and has been going under the working name 'Cloverfield'.

Apparently Mr Abrams came up with the idea when he was in a toy store in Japan with his kid and saw all the Godzilla toys! In any case, I'm all up for seeing Monsters vs New York!!!

The Teaser Trailer can be found here

Old Friend

(Film) Crank

I can't quite remember who told me that Crank was a good film. Plenty of action and surprisingly entertaining.

Well they were wrong.

The actors, generally speaking, aren't bad - especially given the material they hsave to work with. You can that one or two of them might actually have good careers ahead of them given a good enough film. The scriptwriter and director deserve shooting though.

It has a few amusing moments but generally speaking it's a complete waste of time. The best bit about it was the Indian Jade and myself had whilst watching it!!!

School Report: E- (Only watch if you have good food/company to distract you