August 8th, 2007

To Do....

Yeah, okay...

Life is great. It's just full of surprises when you're not expecting them isn't it. I think it likes throwing spanners and obstacles and complete tangents in front of you.

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If I sometimes knew when to shut up and not suggest/offer to do things I'd have more time.

My life would be a lot duller, but I would have more time.

Mind you the most recent 'mouth activated before brain' incident (or to be more accurate ' fingers on keyboard and hitting send before brain activation' incident) could bring in a whole new skill set for the mythical CV and could 'potentially' lead to bigger things. In anycase it'll net me a whole load of other contacts and could be bloody good fun at the same time :)

Sleeps overrated in anycase...

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Hi, my name's Angus. Pleased to meet you...

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Old Friend

GenCon Indy: I'm gonna burn baby....

Quite possibly in fact. I just did a five day weather forecast for Indianapolis and OH MOTHER OF GOD IT'S HOT!!!!

Admittedly we don't arrive until Tuesday but still!!!

Thursday: High 41C (105F) Low 25C (77F)
Friday: High 35C (95F) Low 23C (73F)
Saturday: High 36C (96F) Low 25C (77F)
Sunday: High 39C (102F) Low 27C (80F)
Monday: High 37C (98F) Low 26C (78F)

It's hotter at night than it is in London during the day!!!!

I'm an English boy! I'm used to grey skies and rain in the summer!!!! Not temperatures like that!!!

BBC Indianapolis 5-Day Forecast (BBC News Online)